Experience the Apex of Yachting Excellence with Sessa Marine Yachts at the Miami International Boat Show

From February 14-18, 2024, the Miami International Boat Show is poised to dazzle as a maritime extravaganza unlike any other. As the world’s premier boat and yacht event, it attracts over 100,000 visitors and showcases more than 1,000 brands. Spanning six locations, including the Miami Beach Convention Center and Superyacht Miami at Yacht Haven Grande Miami, the show offers an unparalleled opportunity for marine enthusiasts to discover the latest in boating innovation. Highlighting the event’s significance, the Windward VIP Clubs promise an indulgent experience with their premium amenities.

Amid this celebration of maritime innovation, Sessa Marine Yachts stands out, ready to unveil the epitome of yachting luxury and Italian craftsmanship. With Denison Yachting at the helm, these exclusive yachts are poised to captivate attendees with their elegance and innovation.

Denison Yachting: A Beacon of Excellence

At the forefront, Denison Yachting will spotlight Sessa Marine’s yachts, leveraging their deep industry knowledge to guide visitors through the exquisite offerings. Their expertise ensures a seamless introduction to Sessa Marine’s unparalleled designs.

Sessa Marine’s flybridge yachts, particularly the F48 and F42 models, are set to be the show’s crown jewels. These yachts blend performance with luxury, offering expansive views and plush interiors designed for both lively gatherings and tranquil retreats.

The F48: Elegance Meets Versatility

The F48 stands as a testament to Sessa Marine’s dedication to luxury and functionality. Its spacious flybridge and contemporary interiors set a new standard for yachting, offering a blend of style, comfort, and performance that is unmatched.

The F42: Compact Luxury

The F42 offers a perfect mix of innovation and comfort, with a design that maximizes space without sacrificing luxury. It’s a testament to Sessa Marine’s commitment to excellence, designed for those who seek adventure without compromise.

Sessa Marine Yachts embodies over 60 years of Italian heritage, showcasing the finest in design and innovation. The F48 and F42 are not just yachts; they are masterpieces of nautical engineering, representing the zenith of Italian craftsmanship.

Sessa Marine yachts

Discover the Sessa Marine Yachts Exhibit

Visiting the Denison Yachting booth offers an immersive experience into the world of luxury yachting. Beyond the visual allure, Sessa Marine Yachts exemplify superior performance and craftsmanship, making them a must-see at the show.\

In addition to the dazzling showcase at the Miami International Boat Show, we’re excited to announce that we have an exclusive selection of newly arrived boats, including the C36, C36Ob, C40, and C44 models, awaiting your discovery at a nearby marina. For those interested in a more personalized and premium viewing experience, we offer the convenience of a short drive to this exclusive showing. This special arrangement ensures that our guests have the opportunity to explore these magnificent vessels in a more intimate setting, highlighting our commitment to providing an unparalleled yachting experience. 

Join us to explore these latest additions and enjoy a bespoke tour, tailored to showcase the pinnacle of luxury and innovation that Sessa Marine Yachts represents.