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Sessa Marine Yachts
Italian Excellence

The birth and the history of Italian excellence in the yacht world: Sessa Marine company. Dynamism and innovation, design and technology, style and quality: these are the exclusive features.

The history of Sessa Marine is a perfect example of the Italian entrepreneurial culture, where entrepreneurship and technological approach allowed the company to achieve excellence. 

Recognized for features such as dynamism and innovation, Sessa Marine conceives and realizes exclusive boats that

combine design and technology, quality and style, without ever losing sight of its ultimate goal: producing “emotions” to anyone owning a Sessa Marine Yacht.

Our diverse range of boats includes flybridge boats, marine yachts , small, cruising boats, express cruisers, and center console boats, ensuring a varied choice to meet your requirements. Explore our superior range of yachts and luxury boats.

Marine Yachts

Sessa Marine Yachts for 65 years, has upheld the motto, “Every Yacht Crafted to Embody Breathtaking Beauty, Surprising Innovations, Unrivaled Technology, and the Passion to Ignite Enduring Experiences.” We remain resolutely committed to our core mission: bestowing unforgettable “emotions” upon each and every proud owner of a Sessa Marine Yacht. Dynamism and innovation, design and technology, and quality—these are the hallmarks that define their unique identity.

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