Diesel Power

880 HP

Cruising Speed

28 kts

Fuel Consumption

32 gal/h


240 m

Starting at

$ 899,000


Elevating Yachting to Perfection

Italian Design, High Performance, and Unmatched Comfort Redefined

Premium Craftsmanship

Precision craftsmanship in every detail, elevating luxury comfort in navigation

Customize Your Signature Look

Sessa Marine yachts
Sessa Marine yachts
Sessa Marine yachts
Sessa Marine yachts
Sessa Marine yachts
Sessa Marine yachts
Sessa Marine yachts
Sessa Marine yachts
Cruiser Yacht
Cruiser Yacht
Sessa Marine yachts
Sessa Marine yachts
Sessa Marine yachts
Sessa Marine yachts
Sessa Marine yachts
Sessa Marine yachts
Sessa Marine yachts
Sessa Marine yachts
Sessa Marine yachts


1. Multiple engine options, with extend coverage warranty, 5-Year program included

2. Premium Comfort : Two elegant cabins, complete galley, head, and A/C system

3. A fully equipped galley with modern appliances, and equipped with powerful air-conditioning with 48,000 BTUs

4. The salon features a fully retractable glass door system with four leaves

5. Exceptional Support : Expert service concierge team at your service.

Harmonious Fusion of Interior and Exterior

Enhanced Premium Configuration

  • IPS joystick control system
  • Panoramic glass hardtop with electric opening
  • GPS with 12″ screen
  • 32” SMART full HD TV with electric lift
  • Full kitchen with lacquered furniture, Corian® worktop with stainless steel sink and hot and cold water mixer, ceramic hob, extractor hood, fridge, freezer, microwave 
  • Hot water in all taps and black water box for waste treatment
  • 10.5kVA generator
  • Air conditioning 48,000 BTUs
  • Submersible stern platform with folding stern ladder and articulated cockpit ladder
  • Aft furniture with volcanic stone barbecue
  • Led lighting
  • Induction cell phone charger
  • Glass door in stainless steel – 4 leaves
  • 600w inverter
  • Searchlight with remote control
  • 1000w electric anchor winch 
  • Fire fighting systems in the engine room

Exceptional Performance Everyday

The D6 Volvo Penta engine is designed with advanced technology and engineering, including common-rail fuel injection and turbocharging, which optimize fuel combustion and power delivery. This results in lower fuel consumption and reduced operating costs over the long term , making it an excellent choice for boaters who prioritize fuel efficiency without compromising on performance.

The D6 Volvo Penta engine can be equipped with an  advanced Anti Corrosion System (ACP) to protect critical components from the damaging effects of corrosion, particularly important for marine applications . This system enhances the engine’s longevity and reliability, ensuring it continues to perform at its best even in saltwater environments, which can be highly corrosive.

Sessa Marine yachts
Sessa Marine yachts
Assisted Docking

Adventure Simulator

Sessa C42 Cruiser
The Versatile 42 Foot Yacht

Versatility Meets Innovation

One of the standout features of the C42 is its expansive swim platform, a rarity in boats of this size. This addition adds a touch of luxury and provides easy access to the water—ideal for enthusiasts who appreciate inboard outboard boats. The C42 seamlessly blends the elements of mini yachts and small luxury yachts for sale. It delivers the comfort and style of a luxury yacht, all while maintaining a competitive price point.

Design and Performance

The C42 stands out in the realm of small yachts with its exceptional versatility and innovation. Its sterndrive boat design, powered by D6 370 twin engines, ensures a smooth and powerful cruising experience. The helm is thoughtfully designed for comfort and control, catering to those who seek the best cruiser boats.

Luxury Craftsmanship and Comfort

Luxury yacht builders have poured their expertise into the C42, resulting in a boat that seamlessly blends style with substance. With spacious cabins, well-appointed bathrooms, and a social cockpit, it exemplifies the pinnacle of quality craftsmanship.

Performance and Ease of Handling

The C42 benefits from Sessa’s early adoption of the IPS pod-drive system. It showcases impressive performance, refinement, and handling. While it may require some trim tab adjustments for a level running attitude, the boat excels in delivering both ease and sportscruiser prowess, making it a forgiving and enjoyable vessel to navigate.

The Sessa C42 Cruiser isn’t just a boat; it’s a symbol of Sessa’s resurgence in the luxury yacht market. Boasting innovation, versatility, and style, this 42-foot boat is making a mark. Whether you’re in the market for small yachts for sale or a mini yacht that stands out, the C42 offers a compelling option. Miami yacht sales have a new star, and it’s the C42 from Sessa, a true contender among luxury yacht brands. Experience it for yourself and set sail on a journey that blends comfort, style, and performance seamlessly.

Technical Specification

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