Diesel Power

1200 HP

Cruising Speed

28 kts

Fuel Consumption

28 gal/h


210 m

Starting at

$ 1,032,000


Elevating Yachting to Perfection

Italian Design, High Performance, and Unmatched Comfort Redefined
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Exceptional Craftsmanship

Originality, High Performance, and Unmatched Comfort Redefined

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Sessa Marine yachts
Sessa Marine yachts
Sessa Marine yachts
Sessa Marine yachts
Sessa Marine yachts
Sessa Marine yachts
Sessa Marine yachts
Sessa Marine yachts
Sessa Marine yachts
Sessa Marine yachts
Sessa Marine yachts
Cruiser Yacht
Cruiser Yacht
Sessa Marine yachts
Sessa Marine yachts
Sessa Marine yachts
Sessa Marine yachts
Sessa Marine yachts
Sessa Marine yachts
Sessa Marine yachts
Sessa Marine yachts
Sessa Marine yachts


Originality, high performance and comfort during navigation, these are some of the main characteristics of the Sessa C44 Cruiser Yacht

Harmonious Fusion of Interior and Exterior

  • Panoramic glass hardtop with electric opening
  • Complete furniture in the cockpit with Corian® top, stainless steel sink, hot and cold water mixer and teak meat board
  • Full kitchen with lacquered furniture, 4-burner ceramic hob, stainless steel countertop and sink with hot and cold water mixer, bottle holder, drawers, 100l refrigerator, microwave and trash can
  • GPS and engine interface
  • IPS joystick control system
  • Air conditioning 32,000 BTUs
  • Variable Mase VS 10.5 kVa generator
  • induction cell phone charger
  • Dry shower area in bathrooms
  • Secondary access to the engine room
  • submersible stern platform
  • Hangar with electric drive, space for equipment / utensils and accommodation for an inflatable boat
  • Hot water in all taps

Exceptional Performance Everyday

The Volvo Penta engines are designed with advanced technology and engineering, including common-rail fuel injection and turbocharging, which optimize fuel combustion and power delivery. This results in lower fuel consumption and reduced operating costs over the long term , making it an excellent choice for boaters who prioritize fuel efficiency without compromising on performance.

Volvo Penta engines, can be equipped with an advanced Anti Corrosion System (ACP) to protect critical components from the damaging effects of corrosion, particularly important for marine applications. This system enhances the engine’s longevity and reliability, ensuring it continues to perform at its best even in saltwater environments, which can be highly corrosive.

Sessa Marine yachts
Sessa Marine yachts
Assisted Docking

Adventure Simulator

Technical Specification

Info Data
Full Length
45.44 ft
EC Certifying Length
13.09 ft
Max Speed
36 knots
Propulsion System
n. 3 + 1 crew (opt) – n. 1 Toilet + 1 crew (opt)
Weight with Engine
21,605.53 lbs
Person Capacity
14 persons
Fuel Tank
234.88 gallons each
Water Tank
73.18 gallons
4.59 ft
Holding Tank
29.06 gallons
n. 6 + 1 crew (opt)
Plank Size

A Smooth Navigation
Performance Insights for C44 Cruiser Yacht

In the world of small luxury yachts, performance is of paramount importance. Whether you’re at the helm of a 44-foot boat or a 45-foot yacht, understanding how your vessel operates at different RPM settings is essential for an exceptional cruising experience. In this blog, we’ll explore the performance metrics for your cruising boat, focusing on RPM (Revolutions Per Minute), GPH (Gallons Per Hour), and Range.

A Luxurious Italian Masterpiece

Now, let’s shift our focus to the exquisite C44 Cruiser Yacht. This Italian gem, produced by Sessa Marine, is one of the most beautiful boats of its class. The Sessa C44 recently received a refreshed version with an even more daring look, known as the New Sessa C44. This new iteration has already found its way into the waters.

This hard-top (HT) boat boasts a sporty, modern, and distinctly Italian style, featuring a sleek design and a spacious sunroof. Notable features include large, strategically positioned side windows that enhance ventilation and the influx of natural light, both in the cabin and the cockpit.

One unique aspect of the Sessa C44 is its adaptable cockpit configurations. Owners can choose between the classic setup, which includes a vast sun deck and a garage for a boat, or an alternative configuration, providing ample seating for up to 12 people.

Exceptional Features

The cockpit of the Sessa C44 features a semicircular sofa, encircling a retractable table that comfortably seats four. On the starboard side, a compact support kitchen is conveniently situated. Natural lighting in the cockpit is abundant, thanks to the large windows and an electrically operated sunroof. The helm station boasts a double seat with adjustments and a folding feature for standing while piloting. The control panel is comprehensive, offering space for an electronic device. The Sessa C44 is equipped with engines, ensuring precision maneuvering, even in tight spaces. The boat’s superstructure can be fully enclosed, allowing for air conditioning of the entire upper deck area, particularly during overnight stays at the marina. The Sessa C44 features air conditioning units for both the cabin and the cockpit area. At the stern, owners have the option to choose between a standard configuration, which includes a sun deck and an electrically operated garage for a boat, or an extended cockpit version. The latter offers a spacious and comfortable living area, ideal for socializing. The submersible platform can support various watercraft, and a teak robot ladder allows easy access to the water. In the bow of the boat, the Sessa C44 offers a solarium with a folding backrest. Additionally, there are numerous storage compartments, cup holders, speakers with independent control, and a shelf made of stainless steel. The Sessa C44 also excels in small but significant details. The fender holders are made of stainless steel, the cleats are well-sized, and the cable guides have trimmers on the hull to avoi`d scratches and deformations when mooring.

Navigating the Sessa C44

During our sea trials of the New Sessa C44, equipped with two diesel engines, we tested its performance in the open sea. On board were four people, diesel, and a nearly full water tank. The Sessa C44 handled the sea conditions smoothly, reaching an impressive cruising speed. It displayed agility during maneuvers, responding swiftly to joystick commands. The boat we tested was equipped with the Joystick Driving system, allowing for precise control at all speeds.The Sessa C44 offers a smooth, stable, and convincing navigation experience, thanks to the V angle of the hull at the stern. Visibility during navigation is enhanced by the large windows on both sides of the boat, especially during tight turns and straight-line sailing. In summary, the Sessa C44 is a pleasure boat with exceptional attributes, making it a top choice in the world of small luxury yachts.

For those tranquil days on the water, you may opt for a slow cruising, maintaining a steady RPM of 3000. At this RPM, your luxury yacht will consume approximately 25 gallons per hour (GPH). This efficient pace allows you to cover an impressive distance, with a range of 201 nm, whether they represent nautical miles or kilometers.

When you seek a balance between performance and efficiency, the optimal cruising setting at 3300 RPM is an excellent choice. At this RPM, your yacht will utilize around 32 gallons per hour (GPH). With this setting, you can confidently cruise for an extended period, covering a range of 195 nm.

If you’re eager to explore the waters at a swifter pace, the fast cruising setting at 3700 RPM offers an exhilarating experience. At this RPM, your small luxury yacht will consume approximately 44 gallons per hour (GPH). Despite the increased fuel consumption, you’ll still be able to cover a significant range of 188 nm.

These performance insights will help you tailor your cruising experience to match your preferences, whether you’re seeking a leisurely journey, a comfortable cruise, or a faster-paced adventure. The choice of RPM, along with fuel consumption and range considerations, allows you to make the most of your time on the water.

When embarking on your motor boat cruise, it’s crucial to select the right RPM to align with your cruising goals. This not only optimizes your yacht’s performance but also ensures that you make the most of your small luxury yacht, whether you’re navigating the coastal waters or any other scenic waterways around the world.


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